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We are now able to offer vanadium energy storage systems from a range of manufacturers. Sizes start at the 5kW-15kWh residential solution and go through to multiple megawatt solutions.

For energy storage where you need hours of stable energy supply, talk to us about how we can help.

All-Energy Australia 2017

Event name All-Energy Australia 2017
Details VSUN Energy is proud to be exhibiting at the All-Energy Australia Expo and Conference 2017. Taking place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, this free-to-attend, business-to-business conference and exhibition will open up a world of opportunities for the clean energy sector.

The conference showcases the contribution of renewable energy, clean energy, sustainability and energy efficiency into Australia’s energy mix, creating pathways to a cleaner and alternative energy future. This year’s conference covers renewable and clean energy policy, technology, finance, economics and project development across five streams including solar, energy efficiency, wind energy, energy storage, bioenergy and more. It also includes additional sessions for professional development and training run by the Clean Energy Council.

VSUN Energy will be working in partnership with EPC expert Metrowest and manufacturer GILDEMEISTER to showcase the CellCube vanadium flow battery.  The energy storage system provides 4+ hours of energy in a robust, scalable, non-flammable battery with built-in inverters and battery management system.

Date 11-12 October 2017
Place Melbourne Exhibition and Exhibition Centre
City Melbourne
Country Australia

Regional Telecommunications Summit in Kukerin

Our BDM attended a Farming Champions and Innovate Australia Summit on regional telecommunications and provided this summary:

Yesterday I attended the Farming Champions and Innovate Australia Regional Telecommunications Summit in Kukerin.

On the 4 hour bus ride from Perth to Kukerin I lost mobile coverage just 40 minutes into the journey, highlighting the issue anyone living outside the Perth urban area is very familiar with.

We heard stories from farmers who are unable to make emergency calls on their properties; farmers unable to take advantage of spot price rises due to unstable internet connections; accountants unable to compete with their city-based peers due to uploads to the ATO website taking many more hours to complete; a school with a pile of iPads in the corner of the room because the internet speeds render them useless to the children.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom though and Senator Reynolds said that it was refreshing to meet people who were prepared to look for solutions rather than point the finger in blame. Representatives from Telstra, Optus, Western Power and government departments were there to listen to the issues and suggestions. The mobile blackspot programme is already reducing some of the coverage gaps that exist.

If attendees of the event can come up with a plan for starting to solve some of the issues raised, Senator Reynolds said that she would ask Minister Fifield to attend the next meeting.

Why was I there? Vanadium flow batteries paired with solar/wind can be used to power remote telecommunication towers and as they need little maintenance are perfect for this type of application. VSUN Energy sponsored the food for the event.

2nd Vanitec Energy Storage Committee meeting

Taken from a press release by Vanitec:

At the end of June Manchester, UK hosted the eighth International Flow Battery Forum.  As most flow batteries use vanadium, it was the perfect opportunity to host the 2nd Vanitec Energy Storage Committee (ESC) meeting.

Vanitec is the only not-for-profit international global member organisation whose objective is to promote the use of vanadium bearing materials. Its members include all the world’s major vanadium producers as well as vanadium users and those involved in vanadium energy storage.  Traditionally used to strengthen steel, vanadium’s use in energy storage has been growing over the past few years and is seen as the preferred choice when long-duration energy storage is required.  Where lithium provides power, vanadium provides energy.

In addition to the battery manufacturers represented, a number of large vanadium producers sent delegates to attend the ESC. The inventor of the vanadium flow battery, Maria Skyllas-Kazacos from the University of New South Wales also attended the beginning of the session.

One of the key areas of discussion to arise from the meeting stemmed from a presentation by J. Alberto Arias, Founder of Arias Resource Capital Management LP in New York regarding leasing vanadium electrolyte.  Vanadium is the largest cost component of the vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) and in the past, supply and demand shocks have had significant volatility impacts on vanadium prices which could impact on the economic viability of the product going forwards.  As vanadium electrolyte does not degrade, a solution, Mr. Arias explained, could be to lease the electrolyte or the vanadium for the battery’s useful life.

Vincent Algar from Australian Vanadium Ltd chairs the ESC.  Vincent comments, ‘In the rapidly developing energy storage market Vanitec offers the opportunity for all players in vanadium supply chain to interact and focus on some of the challenges that are common to them, with security of supply being a key area for the future of energy storage’.

With lithium dominating the mindset of many in the energy storage world and wider community, a discussion led by Mikhail Nikomarov, CEO of Bushveld Energy, addressed the ‘Lithium Juggernaut’ and how the VRFB industry can promote itself and challenge the use of lithium where VRFB is the more appropriate solution.

The meeting was valuable from many angles.  John Hilbert, CEO of Vanitec, comments, ‘Vanitec is constantly evolving to include new markets for vanadium.  While we maintain our presence as an agent to strengthen steel, this growing energy storage market offers many opportunities for our members.  With vanadium leasing options offering an attractive financial structure in the flow battery space, it really is an exciting time to be involved in vanadium.’

Further detail of the event can be found in an excellent, independent 3 part write up by The Bushveld Perspective:

For more information about Vanitec please see their website:

EcoGeneration magazine article

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Battery buyer beware, only a free flow of data will benefit the sector: Australian Vanadium boss

Algar’s hoping that as the market settles vanadium flow batteries will shine through for their stamina.

As costs drop in the world of energy storage and the technology matures, any purchase made today runs the risk of looking expensive in the years ahead. The key to getting it right is identifying systems that offer modular flexibility, says Australian Vanadium managing director Vincent Algar.